Liquid colors create beautiful plaster either for a smooth plaster pool or as background for pebble, quartz, or other applications. We make custom colors. If there is a color you want, ask us. We enjoy hearing from you.

All of the colors shown above are quick and easy to measure and mix. Generally one gallon or a concentrated quart of color per batch will achieve the color pictured. For lighter shades, use less liquid pigment. For darker shades, use more liquid pigment. A typical pool mix is a 4-sack mix: 600 lbs. of white sand and 4 bags of white cement (94 lb. each). Include color when measuring liquid.

Many re-sellers around the country carry our liquid colors. Check our Color Suppliers page for the location nearest you. If no location is convenient, contact us.

Being in business since 1957 has been our good fortune because of all our valued customers. Thank you. We invite you to contact us for more information --- toll free at 888-867-5701 or email us.
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