Concrete Chemicals offers inorganic pigments for long-lasting color and beauty. When coloring concrete, mortar, grout, wall plaster, and swimming pool plaster, choose inorganic pigments for the finest colorants available for your project. Inorganic pigments have been around for more than 300 years. Their consistent, reliable color has been improved through the decades.

Inorganic pigments are available in liquid or powder form. Choose from green, gray, and blue cobalts; green, red and yellow oxides, or jet black oxide. Whether liquid or powder color, always buy your inorganic colors from Concrete Chemicals, the company that always puts you first. FOB San Carlos, California.

When using liquid inorganics, choose between quarts and gallons, depending on your job size. A rule of thumb with Concrete Chemicalsí inorganic colors is one half-gallon will tint 400 lbs. of white cement to the colors shown.

Custom blending is available to match your unique color requirements. $140/hour.
Being in business since 1957 has been our good fortune because of all our valued customers. Thank you. We invite you to contact us for more information --- toll free at 888-867-5701 or email us.
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