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Color your concrete or swimming pool plaster with tasteful colors made at Concrete Chemicals from the finest organic and inorganic pigments. Vibrancy and durability vary slightly depending on variables such as organic or inorganic pigments, white or gray cement, the weather, and other additives.

Organic pigments produce the most vibrant blues and greens, especially in white cement, for swimming pool plaster. Organic pigments, while less expensive and very easy to use, over time may fade due to sunlight and, in the case of swimming pools, the method of chlorination and sanitation. Mottling, a variation in hue, is a natural process that occurs in cementitious products and should not be considered unusual.

Concrete Chemicals produces more than six shades of organic blue colors, more than six shades of green colors, and several shades of aqua and teal. By varying the dosage of colorants in the mix, one can achieve an infinite number of shades of colors. Concrete Chemicals is also a major supplier of Liquiblack, a carbon black that is widely used to color concrete and swimming pool plaster. Any shade of gray can be achieved by adding more or less Liquiblack.

Inorganic pigments also produce a rainbow of blues, greens, tans, reds, yellows, grays, and aquas. Inorganic pigments are very durable and stand up well to UV light and chemical abuse. When your project is meant to last a lifetime and it is outdoors in the bright sunlight, your pigment of choice should be an inorganic color.

Since color is carried by the cement, when you are deciding how much to buy, determine how many pounds of cement you will use. White cement shows off the brighter colors and gives designer effects. Gray cement produces more subtle tones, muted and soft.

Concrete Chemicals offers organic and inorganic pigments in liquid colors and powder colors. Liquids are generally available in gallons and quarts, and other sizes are available upon request. Powder colors are available in one-pound, five-pound, and fifty-pound sizes. We recommend always making a concrete or plaster sample to test your color dosage in your mix design.

Concrete colors in liquid form are easy to use in mortar, plaster, concrete, and stucco. Simply add color to desired shade and mix. Uniform color throughout the cementitious material results.


Common uses of Concrete Chemicals liquid color dyes::
Sidewalks and gutters, freeway sound barriers, driveways, retaining walls, gas station aprons
Interior flooring, counter tops, wall plaster, stucco
Swimming pool plaster, stepping stones, decks, paving stones, stamped concrete
Poured-in-place concrete and pre-cast products sculptures

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